Foremost Electronics Introduces IP Video Surveillance Joysticks

10th May 2010
ES Admin
Foremost Electronics announced the availability of the CH Products IP Video Surveillance Joysticks. The IP Desktop is a USB controller specifically designed to provide the network video monitoring industry with a responsive and accurate pan, tilt and zoom camera positioning controls. Featuring a three-axis Hall Effect joystick, twelve programmable switches and USB interface, the IP Desktop integrates seamlessly with any video surveillance software platform recognizing joystick inputs via Microsoft's DirectX.
Alan Cook, Managing Director of Foremost Electronics comments;”The new IP Desktop is a reliable, high-fidelity device which assures precision control of IP cameras pan, tilt and zoom functions in manner familiar to most security personnel while enhancing the operation of digital video surveillance management software.”

The IP Video Surveillance Joystick features a three-axis, two button Hall Effect joystick in a desktop housing which has 10 programmable buttons, the USB interface and an optional joystick mouse combination device software driver.

The software driver creates a joystick/mouse combination device, including a fourth R axis that may be used for a shuttle/recorder function. This assigns functions to buttons 1 and 2 so that button 1 toggles between Z and R axes and button 2 toggles between Joystick and Mouse modes. In Joystick mode buttons 3-12 remain available for end user assignment. In Mouse mode buttons 11 and 12 (on the handle) represent left and right mouse buttons while buttons 3-10 remain available for end user assignment

The Joystick travel is 36º (18º from centre) with spring return centring and the housing is high impact glass-filled nylon. Operating temperature range is 25ᵒ C to 70º C and reliability is greater than 3,000,000 operations. The unit measures 15.6x16.9x12.6cm.

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