Electrolytic capacitors deliver stability, reliability

6th March 2018
Mick Elliott

A range of polarised aluminium electrolytic capacitors from Vishay BComponents featuring increased vibration capabilities over standard devices is in stock at RS Components. Delivering the high stability and reliability vital for automotive and industrial applications, the surface-mount (SMD) 260 CLA-V, 246 CTI-V, and 250 CRZ-V and radial 246 RTI-V and 250 RMI-V combine high-vibration performance with low impedance, high ripple current, and long useful life.

The five series of surface mount and radial devices offer vibration resistance up to 30g and 50g, respectively.

The AEC-Q200-qualified capacitors feature low impedance down to 18mΩ at 100 kHz for better filtering, high ripple current to 3,500mA, and long useful life to 10,000h. The devices feature capacitance from 150µF to 10,000µF over voltages from 6.3V to 100V.

Surface-mount 260 CLA-V, 246 CTI-V, and 250 CRZ-V capacitors are offered in 6-pin versions and increase processing flexibility by meeting the rigorous JEDEC J-STD-020 soldering guidelines for severe reflow conditions.

246 RTI-V and 250 RMI-V devices with radial leads feature a cylindrical aluminium case with pressure relief — insulated with a blue PET sleeve.

All capacitors are charge- and discharge-proof, so there is no peak current limitation.

Fully RoHS certified, the capacitors contain non-solid, self-healing electrolytes, and are ideal for smoothing, filtering, and buffering in SMPS and DC/DC power supplies.

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