EDLCs offer long life for backup power supplies

3rd August 2016
Nat Bowers

Combining low resistance with guaranteed long life over a wide temperature range (from -40 to +65°C), Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe announces its HL series EDLCs (Electric Double Layer Capacitors). The gold capacitors are wound radial lead type devices, which achieve far better (up to 1,000 times greater) capacitance compared to aluminium electrolytic capacitors, as well as superior charge and discharge performance compared with secondary batteries.

Maximum operating voltage for the HL series is 2.7VDC and nominal capacitance ranges from 50 to 100F. These EDLCs are guaranteed to maintain their capacitance and internal resistance without drifting at low temperatures, as opposed to market competition where capacitance and internal resistance may change up to ±30% and less than seven times respectively of initial measured values.

Both the 50 and 100F devices in the HL series are guaranteed for a life of 2,000hrs at +65°C. For power backup applications, ageing characteristics influence the choice of EDLC due to the rise in internal resistance and rapid decline in capacitance. Due to the unique electrolyte used in Panasonic parts, these ageing effects are mitigated besides delivering significant space-saving.

Mustafa Khan, Product Marketing Manager, Capacitors, Panasonic, commented: “Our new HL series raises the bar for reliability, endurance and scalable backup solutions offering opportunities for cost and space-saving. Another reason piquing the market interest for our EDLCs is the use of leakage safe electrolyte material which does not result in release of Hydrogen Cyanide. This market differentiation has won us many environmentally conscientious customers.”

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