Current sense resistor line offers smaller package sizes

7th July 2021
Alex Lynn

Bourns has announced the availability of smaller package sizes and feature options in its Model CFN Metal Foil Current Sense Resistor Series. New miniature 0402 and 0603 packages were introduced to the Model CFN series as well as a lower TCR option of ±50 ppm/°C in the 0603 and larger package sizes. 

Using Bourns’ metal foil technology construction enables the new current sense resistors to provide low TCR, low inductance, low noise, excellent reliability and very low resistance values.

These attributes make the Model CFN series an optimal current sensing solution for power supply, stepper motor drive, and input amplifier applications. The new smaller sizes are particularly well-suited to meet the space-constrained requirements of mobile device designs.

Ever important in current sensing is having a suitably low TCR, which is determined by characteristics such as the materials used in the resistive element, power rating, and physical size of the component. Bourns has leveraged metal foil technology to achieve lower resistance values, ranging from five to 40 milliohms, and still provide power ratings of 0.25 to 1W in components small enough for mobile applications. Combining the new ±50 ppm/°C option with the low resistance values helps minimise self-heating so the resistor remains reliable and stays within its 1-5 percent tolerance over time.

The structure and mounting style of the Model CFN series is beneficial as well. Placing a metal foil resistive element on the bottom side of the ceramic substrate shortens the thermal pathway and improves heat dissipation characteristics. The rear mount style helps prevent surface damage during assembly that otherwise could cause a short. The expanded offering meets the demands of an increasing mobile market and delivers reliability and stability on all fronts.

The Bourns Model CFN Metal Foil Current Sense Resistor Series is available now in all variations, and is RoHS compliant and halogen free.

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