Current regulating diode drives current hungry LEDs

29th June 2006
ES Admin
With the increasing current demands of todays current hungry LEDs SeMitec has introduced an 18mA current regulating diode to its range. The E-183 delivers a constant 18mA over a voltage range of 6 to 25V.
A single CRD can replace several components in a multiple input voltage circuit and helps to minimise PCB space in space-critical applications. CRDs can also offer superior performance and over-voltage protection in circuits driving LEDs. With current values now available upto 18mA, it is possible to control the brightest high-current LEDs now available in the market.

SeMitec CRDs are available in both mini-MELF and DO-35 formats. Glass encapsulation ensures long-term stability and operating use upto 150°C. By using them in series or parallel, both higher voltages and higher current ratings can be achieved.

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