Crystal filter designed to enhance sound reproduction

24th July 2015
Jordan Mulcare

Raltron Electronics has announced the release of its MODEL RNXF-37-15 Notch Crystal Filter designed to enhance sound reproduction in usages such as satellite communications, radar, cellular phone infrastructure, microwave transmission, precession instrumentation. The Notch Filter serves to reduces the gain of a narrowband of the frequency spectrum leaving the surrounding audio unaffected.

The unique feature of the Raltron RNFX-37014 is that its design allows between two and five notches with attenuation down to 70dB with a very low ripple.

Some key specifications to consider are:

  • Frequency range of 1MHz – 60NMHz;
  • Input and output impedence of 50 or 75Ω;
  • Dimensions as small as 36x23x12mm, with SMD packaging available;
  • Output is through a pin or a BNC/SMA connector.

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