Cliff Electronics offers a diverse range of control knobs

14th November 2023
Sheryl Miles

Cliff Electronics, known for their expertise in the design, development, and manufacture of components and connectors for various industries, presents an extensive selection of control knobs.

These knobs cater to a variety of applications including audio, broadcast, instrumentation, medical, lighting, and vending.

The company's Rotary Control Knobs are suitable for rotary switches, potentiometers, or encoders. They are available in black nylon, ABS, or PP, with some models also offered in white or grey. Custom colours can be produced subject to order quantity. Select models can be fitted with optional diamond spun or coloured caps, and marker dots are a standard feature on some. The standard marker dot or line is positioned opposite the set screw or "D" flat, with push-on or screw fixing versions also available.

The K Series features a range of options, from the retro-style K4 ‘chicken head’ pointer knobs to aluminium clad plastic models with a bright aluminium diamond turned finish, which is resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. The K85 push fitting round knob includes a transparent version, suitable for illuminated rotary encoders.

Noteworthy products in the range include:

  • K21, available in various shaft fittings and cap colours, with optional marker line or dot and a removable coloured cap. The K21 knob is commonly used on mixer desks in audio/broadcast applications.
  • K87 series, offering a rubberised soft-touch rotary control knob, available with or without a moulded colour top and marker line. Its wide range of colours makes it suitable for equipment requiring colour coding.
  • K88 series, a cost-effective, space-saving, skirt-less knob design, offering versatility across many applications with multiple mounting options for different shaft types. Separate caps provide a choice of colour and marker line options.
  • CS Series, including Slider and Push Button Control Knobs for motorised faders and controls, with electrically conductive versions often used in audio and lighting desks. These come in rectangular, round, and square versions, with optional parallel or right-angle marker lines on rectangular designs.

Many of Cliff's control knobs are manufactured in the UK and can be customised to meet specific needs without the requirement for costly NRE and large minimum order quantities.

Cliff Electronics produces a variety of FeedThrough, audio, and power connectors, terminal posts, test leads, and accessories. The company also offers a range of leads including audio, instrument, and power. Cliff's products are available through major international distributors.

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