Illuminated Rotary Encoders and Matching Translucent Control Knobs

21st January 2011
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Cliff Electronics, leaders in the design, development, manufacture and supply of components and connectors for audio, engineering, instrumentation, medical, lighting and vending applications announce the introduction of a new range of LED illuminated rotary encoders with a matching range of translucent control knobs.
/> Rotary encoders are widely replacing conventional analogue potentiometers for audio, instrumentation and industrial control functions as they offer more accurate, repeatable setting. Cliff’s rotary encoder range features LED illuminated spindles to provide visible indication of panel position or function. Standard LED colours available are blue, green and red.

Cliff Electronics is now manufacturing a wide range of customisable translucent control knobs in its UK factory plus 8 solid colours. The new range of translucent control knobs is available to fit standard pot and encoder shafts. Custom designed translucent knobs are also available on request.

John Hall, General Manager of Cliff Electronics comments;”Cliff Electronics has been providing switching solutions for many years and manufacture a wide range of standard and custom rotary and slide switch control knobs in our UK factory. Our new rotary encoder product range meets growing demands for reliable, accurate signal control. The provision of an LED illuminated shaft provides integrated indication to simplify and reduce the cost of control panels by eliminating the need to fit a separate LED indicator. Our experience of manufacturing control knobs in-house puts us in a unique position to provide a range of matching translucent control knobs for our own and other suppliers illuminated rotary encoders.”

The Cliff Electronics rotary encoder range provides an output of 24 pulse/24 clicks and features a 24mm shaft with “flats” of 15/17.5/20/25/30mm available. Switch contacts are rated at 5VDC/0.5mA and the operating temperature range is -40 to +85ºC making them ideal for industrial control applications.

Typical applications for the new Cliff Electronics range of rotary encoders includes audio, broadcast, industrial control, medical and telecoms equipment and many types of portable devices.

The rotary encoders and translucent control knobs are available direct from Cliff Electronics UK, Cliff Electronics Inc in the USA and a number of franchised distributors.

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