Cherry sensors and switches from ZF Electronics

11th June 2009
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ZF Electronics, (formerly Cherry Electrical Products), has detailed how its switches and sensors are used in on-demand or tankless water heaters which have increased in market share significantly in recent years. Newer technologies offer the domestic consumer significant advantages over conventional systems, as they provide instantaneous hot water and are more cost-effective than stored water systems because they only heat water as it is needed, rather than heating a large volume and storing it in an insulated tank.
Many people have experienced the sudden unpleasant blast of cold water which happens when the stored hot water suddenly runs out in the middle of a shower! With households looking closely at their household bills, instantaneous water heaters are likely to become the first choice for new and replacement domestic hot water systems.

More than 400,000 modified Cherry MP101301 flow sensors have been built into water heaters manufactured by a leading European producer. The sensors are used to turn the heater on and off and simultaneously maintain a precise set water temperature, even in the event of a change in the rate of flow, thereby avoiding a sudden deluge of hot or cold water, which can be dangerous as well as unpleasant for the user.

Cherry’s D4 miniature switch is used by another European water system manufacturer to activate the heating coil in its tankless water heaters. This versatile snap switch, which is available with various auxiliary actuators and mounting points, is very reliable and offers a high level of repeat accuracy. Its high contact stability is achieved with application-specific contact materials for switching currents of 0.1A to 21A at 250VAC.

Approved for ambient temperatures between -40 to +150degC, the D4 subminiature switch is EN 61058 and UL 1054 approved.

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