Capacitors offer low ESR & high capacitance values

12th July 2016
Nat Bowers

Offering a long life time of up to 5,000 hours (2.5 times more than current FT series devices) at high temperatures of up to +105°C, Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe has announced the V-FT series of aluminium electrolytic capacitors. The devices also benefit from high capacitance of up to 2,200µF and ESR values that are 40 to 60% lower than of current FK series products while downsizing by one can size (G to F size).

Additional technical specifications include an operating temperature range form -55 to +105°C, a rated voltage range of 6.3 to 50VDC, a capacitance tolerance of ±20% (120Hz/+20°C) and a leakage current less than or equal to 0.01CV after two minutes. The parts are fully RoHS and AEC-Q200 compliant.

Stefan Fritsch, Product Manager, Passive Components, Panasonic, commented: “Our V-FT series aluminium electrolytic capacitors are suited for low ESR applications e.g. ADAS, Body Control Module and LED lighting.They benefit from a long life time that is up to 2.5 times longer than current FT series components while downsizing by one can size compared with current FK series devices."

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