Capacitors guarantee higher ripple current capabilities

13th January 2017
Alice Matthews

To meet the market demands for higher ripple current handling, Panasonic has released two new series of aluminium electrolytic capacitors. The V-TC and V-TCU series benefit from higher ripple current capabilities at 125°C and both are available at distributor Rutronik. The V-TC and V-TCU series guarantee from 1.2 to 1.5 times higher ripple current capabilities.

The V-TC series 300mA for D8 can size and up to 750mA for G can size, whereas the V-TCU series 400mA for F can size up to 750mA for G can size. Additionally, V-TCU parts also offer 1.2 to 2.2 times larger capacitance values from 220-680µF while downsizing by one can size (G to F size or F to D8 size).

The can-shaped surface-mount capacitors feature a footprint from 6.3x7.7mm up to 10x10.2mm and a life time of 2,000 hours for smaller can sizes and 3,000 hours for larger can sizes. Both series are suitable for applications such as ECU in DC/DC filtering and output ripple smoothing.

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