AVX release latest interative product selector guide

10th March 2015
Jordan Mulcare


AVX has released the latest interactive product selector guide for its medium and high power film capacitors, which are well-known for their self-healing technology, as well as safe, reliable and long lifetime performance.

Organised by function and featuring interactive links to product catalogues, datasheets, technical papers, application notes and other resources, the new product selector guide provides at-a-glance accessibility to more than 25 series of power film capacitors, including medium power dry-wound capacitors spanning 75 to 3,000VDC and high power oil-impregnated capacitors spanning 1,500 to 100,000V. Suitable applications for the series include AC and DC filtering, protection, pulse discharge, tuning, and storage in a wide variety of automotive, traction, industrial, military, aerospace and renewable energy applications.

All of AVX’s medium and high power film capacitors exhibit controlled self-healing technology, which effectively insulates any microscopic conduction sites within the dielectric and ensures that that they function safely and reliably without catastrophic failure until a soft end of lifetime is reached, typically after more than 100,000 hours. Although power film capacitors remain functional throughout their operating life, the initial capacitance value decreases at a rate dependent upon the applied voltage and hot spot temperature. Standard designs exhibit less than 3–5% capacitance loss over 100,000 hours at nominal voltage and a 70ºC hot spot temperature, and information about application specific designs can be provided upon request.

Available with high peak current and high energy options, in addition to polypropylene and polyester dielectric designs, AVX’s medium and high power film capacitors are rated for use in temperatures spanning -40 to +105°C. Additionally, RoHS compliance is available for many of medium power film capacitor series.

“AVX has been a world leader in high performance film capacitor technology for more than 30 years and offers an extensive range of medium and high power film capacitors that provide several notable performance advantages over aluminium electrolytic capacitors, including optimised self healing, less generated heat, a smaller footprint and voltage capability that doesn’t require cascading,” said Gilles Terzulli, Worldwide Marketing Manager, AVX.

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