Anti-surge resistor features pulse handling performance

3rd January 2019
Lanna Cooper


The RPC Series from Stackpole is an anti-surge chip resistor with superior pulse handling performance compared to standard thick film chips. Stackpole has recently added an 0402 chip size rated at 0.2W and featuring values from 1Ω to 1M in tolerances as low as ±0.5% and TCR as low as ±100ppm.

The RPC0402 5% tolerance 100 data shows capability of handling over 25W for short pulse durations of 0.0001 second or less.

Pulse handling for the RPC series is reliable and repeatable due to the materials and processing whereas the pulse performance of standard chip resistors can vary widely from one part to the next.

Pricing for the RPC0402 depends on value, and tolerance and ranges from $0.01 to $0.016 each in full package quantities.

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