Aluminium electrolytic screw terminal capacitors released

4th January 2021
Alex Lynn

What if engineers could save 30% on room and weight, for a given energy storage function? This is now reportedly achievable with EXXELIA's new FELSIC HC series of aluminium electrolytic screw terminal capacitors.

As Jérôme Tabourel, Exxelia Vice President of Marketing and Sales, said: “Thanks to the use of improved materials, this new FELSIC family offers the highest energy density of the market, while still offering ultra-long life time”. These characteristics allow a reduction in the number of components used for the function, hence allowing room and weight savings of 30% on circuit board and greater reliability.

These products are a good choice for energy storage and power industry equipment.


  • Capacitance from 100μF to 3 121 000μF 
  • Energy density up to 21µF/cm3 for a custom design
  • Voltages from ten to 500V
  • Life time of 8,000 hours at +85°C
  • Operating Temperature -40 to +85°C

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