10kΩ SMD NTC thermistor features a narrow tolerance of ±1%

31st March 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

An SMD NTC thermistor featuring a nominal resistance of 10kΩ and a narrow tolerance of just ±1% has been introduced by TDK. The device, which expands the company’s NTCG04 lineup of IEC 0402 case size (EIA 01005) SMD NTC thermistors, complements the existing 100kΩ type. Measuring just 0.4x0.2x0.2mm, the NTCG04 thermistors are suitable for temperature measurement and compensation of MCUs and displays in communication modules, mobile devices and wearable devices. 

The characteristics of the 0402 SMD NTC thermistors are equivalent to those of the 0603 (EIA 0201) case size products, supporting the design of even smaller communication modules and increasing the mounting density in mobile devices. Achieving these ratings in a 0402 component was made possible by further optimising both the source materials and the manufacturing process.

Mass production of the SMD NTC thermistor is scheduled to begin in July 2015.

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