0402 inductors claim to deliver world’s highest Q

18th February 2014
Staff Reporter

The MHQ0402P series, in case size IEC 0402, signals an expansion of TDK's MHQ-P high Q multilayer inductor portfolio. TDK claim that the MHQ0402P series has the highest Q factor for any multilayer inductor of its size.

Measuring just 0.44 x 0.24 x 0.24mm, the inductors deliver a Q factor of 20 at 1.0 GHz and an inductance of 0.2 nH. This value is more than 30% higher than that of TDK's existing MLG0402Q series. The high Q factor was achieved with the use of the company's proprietary dielectric materials technology, and an internal electrode cross-section design with a high aspect ratio. This was then combined with an optimized L-shaped terminal layout. Compared with the MHQ0603P series, the 0402 components have a volume that is 70% smaller and a footprint that is 53% smaller, thereby making the series TDK's smallest MHQ-P high Q product to date.

The small size and high Q of the inductors enable RF circuits in multifunctional mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to be even more efficient. Mass production of the inductors began in February 2014.


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