Parker release new gap filler pad for thermal conductivity

24th February 2023
Kristian McCann

The Chomerics Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation has released THERM-A-GAP PAD 70TP, an ultra-soft (15 Shore hardness), thermally conductive gap filler pad to meet the demands of a wide range of demanding industrial applications.

THERM-A-GAPPAD 70TP offers the combination of thermal conductivity (7.0W/m-K) and conformability. The result is an thermal interface between heat sinks and electronic devices, even where uneven surfaces, air gaps or rough surface textures exist.

Providing superior thermal performance and long-term stability in comparison with conventional thermal pads, typical uses for THERM-A-GAP PAD 70TP extend from telecommunications equipment and PC boards to chassis applications, thermally enhanced BGAs (ball grid arrays), memory packages and modules, GPU and CPU applications, and a host of industrial devices.

These applications and many more will benefit from the excellent thermal properties of THERM-A-GAP PAD 70TP, which include 0.27°C-in/w thermal impedance (at 10psi, 1mm thickness) and 0.72J/g-K heat capacity.

The product also offers electrical isolation properties, with 1013 ohm-cm volume resistivity, in addition to low deflection force and low oil bleeding. The latter is particularly important as it minimises the generation of greasy substances on the surface of the heat sink or substrate during use. Oil bleed from comparable products in the market can lead to lower electrical performance in the shape of reduced surface resistance and breakdown voltage. In addition, surrounding impurities and particles may adsorb in or adhere to the oil, threatening product performance and lifespan.

Parker Chomerics manufactures THERM-A-GAP PAD 70TP to size, facilitating easy application on the desired component. A fabric carrier version is available for improved tear resistance and easy handling. Suitable for use in a wide operating temperature range from -55 to +200°C, the new RoHS-compliant gap filler pads are available in standard thicknesses from 0.76 to 5.0mm.

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