WiZ launches a new generation of smart lighting products

27th August 2020
Alex Lynn

Signify has announced the official launch of the latest generation of the multi-protocol WiZ smart lighting system in Europe. WiZ offers a comprehensive range of affordable smart lights and accessories that are easy to set-up with Bluetooth and your existing WiFi network.

The addition of the WiZ system seamlessly fits Signify’s mission to let consumers feel the magic of light through accessible smart lighting products that are intuitive in use.

“We are very excited to officially launch our WiFi + Bluetooth WiZ Connected portfolio in Europe and make our products widely available. We are proud of our ecosystem that brings innovative lighting solutions for your daily living and enables consumers to control their lights and accessories right out of the box, offering products as accessible and easy to use as normal lighting, but then smart and connected,” said Jean-Eudes Leroy, Co-Founder and business leader of WiZ Connected.

The WiZ Connected portfolio includes lights and accessories that are very easy to install and enable consumers to instantly experience the perks of smart lighting. Just screw in the new WiZ light, download the intuitive WiZ mobile app and directly start to enjoy the lights. The newest products come with WiFi and Bluetooth dual protocol chips which make the pairing process even easier and more reliable.

In the near future, Signify will roll out this great feature to the full WiZ product range. Via different modes, consumers can easily set the perfect light to study, create a cosy setting by mimicking a fireplace or candlelight, and automate and synchronise lights with daily activities or schedule lights to smoothly wake you up or support your bedtime routine.

In addition, consumers use WiZ to easily manage lights by using voice control with Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Siri shortcuts, without utilising the app. Another option is using the universal WiZmote, which enables consumers to easily control the lights and customise favourite modes for each room. Or take the WiZ motion sensor, which enables hands-free control for easy user experience and automatically switches your lights on to a predefined setting as you enter the room.

It even works when the WiFi connection is down, thanks to the same low energy RF protocol as on the WiZmote. Simply walk by to trigger the lights to switch on. And for some more smart lighting magic, install the new WiZ smart plug and simply turn any light into a smart light instantly, as it will then allow you to control it via the WiZ app or remote.

The WiZ app’s interface is user-friendly and intuitive with an easy drag and drop system to organise and control lights and accessories. Pre-set scenes and routines simplify daily living and help consumers to find the perfect light setting for any moment of the day.

Circadian rhythm settings automatically choose the right type of light depending on the time of day. Cool, energetic light with bright intensity for a productive morning, gradually shifting to a soft warm dimmed light for a relaxing evening. It is like following the sun cycle, but indoors.

The straightforward WiZ mobile app offers the opportunity to let multiple users manage the lights with different permissions. Household members can easily share the access right of the WiZ ‘home’ function with each other. Other members can simply download the app and enter the invitation code, without configuration. Guests can therefore also enjoy control of the lights once they are connected to the same WiFi network.

The launch of the WiZ ecosystem in Europe means that the whole WiZ connected portfolio will now be widely available, including multiple new and updated WiZ products and accessories:

  1. WiFi + Bluetooth bulbs and spots in colour and tunable white, including the most powerful connected bulb on the market with the new 100W equivalent A 67 (1600 lm) as well as the standard E27 bulb, GU10 spot, E14 candle and large round E27 bulb (G95). They all provide full colour to create a great ambiance, brighten up your home with cool white and create a cosy atmosphere with warm white.
  2. A wide variety of WiZ Filament bulbs in Amber & Clear that combine great looks with smart technology and add a vintage touch to your home.
  3. The WiZ portfolio also includes luminaires, for example the WiZ Hero table lamp which comes with a simple design that appeals to a natural lifestyle. And the WiZ Quest with an adjustable head for creating indirect ambient light.
  4. Some really cool accessories to make your smart lighting even easier to control, including the existing WiZmote and our new WiZ motion sensor. 
  5. The WiZ smart plug allows users to control their existing lights or devices with the WiZ app, so they can enjoy scheduling, voice control and away-from-home access.

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