Versatile coating stripper for optical fibres

11th September 2018
Enaie Azambuja

LASER COMPONENTS has offered a robust and versatile coating stripper, the GPST-1000 by Lightel, for all those who work with optical fibres of different builds and diameters. Coatings made of polyimides (PI), acrylate, or silicone can be removed just as cleanly as two-layer coatings, at fibre diameters from 80μm to 1200μm. Stripping is carried out completely contact free by a plasma, preventing chemical and mechanical damage. There is not the slightest impairment of the fibre strength.

The GPST-1000 can be operated in stand-alone mode without technical gases or compressed air. Its software allows users to define and store parameters for up to twelve stripping programs, which are then executed automatically.

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