UV fibre laser compact and pulsed

2nd November 2016
Anna Flockett

The PUFL series of UV fibre lasers from Keopsys is on offer from LASER COMPONENTS. These are pulsed laser sources emitting at 355nm, delivering high peak power pulse in a very compact package.

The PUFL UV laser series is based on the combination of a powerful 1.0μm fibre laser and a com-pact/efficient frequency converter to give a 355nm output with peak powers up to 2kW and pulse energies up to 2μJ. The output beam is near Gaussian and collimated.

The laser system is compact and rugged and is delivered with an easy to use interface for driving the laser and keeping the frequency converter at a constant temperature.

This source is ideal for aerosol detection, wafer inspection, fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy, or applications in biophysics.

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