UV enhanced silicon avalance photodiode

24th March 2020
Alex Lynn

The SUR series of silicon avalance photodiodes from LASER COMPONENTs are based on a reach through structure with high sensitivity in the DUV/UV wavelength range. Many applications particularly in the medical and biomedical fields require highly sensitive detectors at these short wavelengths for fluorescence measurements.

From our research and manufacturing site in Tempe we supply global partners with these proven robust sensors.

An important additional advantage of this new reach through APD is its unmatched noise and sensitivity performance over the widest commercially available wavelength range, from 260nm to 1000nm. The responsivity of the device at 260nm is 21A/W.

Unlike a conventional PIN diode, APDs use an internal electric field to accelerate the charge carriers set free by the incoming radiation generating an avalanche of electron-hole pairs through impact ionisation producing a much larger photocurrent than can be created using a PIN diode.

The diameter of the active element of the SAR500 is 500 microns and the devices are manufactured in a standard two pin TO-46 can which is hermetically sealed. Other mounting options are available, and the detectors can be built with thermo electric coolers in a TO-37 package if desired. The TEC can be used to keep the APD at a stable temperature regardless of ambient conditions.

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