Twenty-four-channel I2C constant-current RGB LED driver

23rd October 2019
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In smart homes and other applications that utilise human-machine-interaction, high-performance RGB LED drivers are required. LED animation effects such as flashing, breathing, and chasing greatly improve user experience, and minimal system noise is essential.

The LP50xx device from Texas Instruments is an 18- or 24-channel constant current sink LED driver. The LP50xx device includes integrated colour mixing and brightness control, and pre-configuration simplifies the software coding process. Integrated 12-bit, 29 kHz PWM generators for each channel enable smooth, vivid colour for LEDs, and eliminate audible noise.

The LP50xx device controls each LED output with a 12-bit PWM resolution at 29kHz switching frequency, which helps achieve a smooth dimming effect and eliminates audible noise. The independent colour mixing and intensity control registers make the software coding straightforward. 

When targeting a fade-in, fade-out type breathing effect, the global R, G, B bank control reduces the microcontroller loading significantly. The LP50xx device also implements a PWM phase-shifting function to help reduce the input power budget when LEDs turn on simultaneously.

The LP50xx device implements an automatic power-saving mode to achieve ultralow quiescent current. When channels are all off for 30ms, the device total power consumption is down to 10µA, which makes the LP50xx device a potential choice for battery-powered end equipment.

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