Tiny IR LED efficiently provides discreet security

4th November 2014
Barney Scott

HIR-C19D, an 855nm High Efficiency Infrared (HIR) LED that features a low thermal resistance and a high radiant intensity in a compact SMD package, has been introduced by Everlight. With a wave length which is almost invisible to the human eye, the 3W HIR LED is a suitable light source for infrared illumination in CCD cameras, night guard security and other discreet surveillance systems.

Achieving a radiant intensity of 350mW/sr at 700mA, with a viewing angle of 90°, Everlight's HIR-C19D-N90/L558-P03/TR series provides excellent illumination of the area under observation.

The lead-free device is offered in a miniature SMD package, moulded in a water clear silicone with spherical top view lens, and boasting a footprint of only 3.5x3.5x2.36mm. The package also features a ceramic PCB housing that ensures a low junction-to-lead thermal resistance of only 11°C/W.

Samples and technical support are available now, and the HIR LED is expected to be offered in production quantities by early 2015.

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