The new smart lighting system for your house from Ikea

5th May 2017
Anna Flockett


Entering the 21st Century, Ikea has stepped up its home automation game and introduced its own system for smart lighting. A new range of products from the company has been named after the word ‘wireless’ in Sweedish; Trådfri. It is built around the ZigBee Light Link standard for connected lights.

Last autumn the system was introduced to selected European countries, however, we will be seeing a larger release this month - fingers crossed.

The centre of the Trådfri system, is the gateway device which has been designed to connect to the internet via an Ethernet connection, and will create a local Trådfri network to connect local bulbs.

With the majority of Ikea’s items being competitively priced, the new system does not differ with a base set of the internet gateway, a remote control and two of the Trådfri bulbs pricing at roughly $85.40.

However, arguably the most interesting part of this new system is what is described as a motion-controlled dimmer switch, a standalone colourful puck which in the Ikea promotion video, shows the lights dimming just by rolling around the puck in your hand.

The dimmer switch also works independently from the connected system. Believe it or not, the switch is the cheapest part of the range, with a light and a dimmer switch costing $20.41.

Standard Trådfri bulbs are dimmable LED lights with three colour temperature options; 2,200, 2,700, and 4,000K, which Ikea claim to last around 25,000 hours each.

A standalone 980 lumen E27 Trådfri bulb will cost you around $22.68, but there are also smaller GU10 and E14 sizes that are $16.99.

There are a variety of bundles on offer also, which include the motion sensor set, ($28.39) and a light / remote bundle ($34.09). These remote systems will work with the app and gateway controller (sold separately at $28.39) as well.

A series of LED Floalt panels are also being sold, along with illuminated doors for various Ikea storage units that will also be compatible with the Trådfri system, and this may serve as a powerful early indicator of how Ikea might leverage its existing modular systems to incorporate its smart home systems.

Unfortunately for us, this current Trådfri system only shows up on Ikea’s Swedish website. Products are however expected to be in store this year, and it is thought the system will venture out to other countries in the near future.

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