The future of laser cutting technology

30th March 2017
Anna Flockett

Laser technology has transformed every facet of life as we know it, including influencing electronics, medical practice, printing and now manufacturing. In the manufacturing sector, laser cutting is one of the most revolutionary cutting methods to have been introduced in the last few years. Here, some of the major developments that can be expected in laser cutting technology in the near future are examined.

Use of direct-diode laser
Although the current use of direct-diode laser is confined for heat treatment and cladding, there are signs that it is going to be the next big thing in laser cutting technology. One thing about direct-diode laser that makes it suitable for laser cutting technology is that it is appropriate for focusing on tight spots. Sustainability is also something that makes this technology very promising for the future.

People are now looking for technologies that are efficient in their energy consumption. And that is exactly what distinguishes direct-diode laser cutting technology from its predecessors like CO2 and fibre lasers.

Experts insist that unlike CO2 and fibre lasers which are ten percent and 30% efficient respectively, direct-diode laser is expected to be up to 50% efficient. In other words, less electricity used to produce higher laser power. Companies like GF Laser that offer aluminium laser cutting are expected to adopt direct-diode laser cutting technology to remain competitive.

Laser blanking
Flat-based laser cutting machines have recently hit the market. These types of laser cutting machines are suited for service centres that receive coiled materials.

These laser blanking machines will soon be available at your typical local hardware store and will be enhanced for faster cutting capacity. These machines are expected to have a considerably higher throughput than traditional cutting machines previously in the market. You will now be able to have your materials cut in the shortest time possible and it will be more convenient for the needs of individuals.

Initially, laser cutting technology was something that was confined to large manufacturers. In the future, the average consumer will be able to access laser cutting technologies and laser cutting machines will become more accessible and available.

3D laser cutting and engraving
Laser cutting is soon going to be available online. Companies such as Sculpteo are providing a platform where users can engrave on a wide range of materials by posting their patterns and requests online.

Use of laser cutting is expected to become more widespread and will affect the general public more in years to come. Soon, anyone will be able to engrave and cut materials using laser cutting technologies, with nothing but patterns found online or their own creations.

It is apparent that laser cutting technologies are here to stay. They are becoming more sustainable, accessible and available than ever before. New technologies and cutting methods are being introduced to make laser cutting more accessible for the general public, therefore, a future where laser cutting will become the norm and penetrate virtually every manufacturing sector is imaginable.

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