Surface circular, sensor-controlled LEDs launched

26th May 2020
Alex Lynn

Conrad Electronic has expanded its product assortment from Germany-based LED lighting solution provider Ledvance, with the Surface Circular sensor-controlled LEDs, thereby increasing its range of industrial-grade building service technology.

Bettina Junge, Product Manager at Conrad Electronic, explained: “Ever-increasing energy costs and for environmental reasons make it necessary to reduce power consumption, both, in domestic and public building service technology. One really effective way to do this is by utilising LED lighting, as long as they meet the requirements for lighting atmosphere, design and comfort.

“In adding Ledvance’s sensor-controlled Surface Circular luminaires, we are expanding our assortment further with another professional and high-quality solution for the building technology sector, from this globally operating, German-based manufacturer.”

Surface Circular products are designed with highly advanced built-in sensor technology, which allows for even more individual light and sensor settings including motion detection (an eight metre and 110° detection range), twilight/daylight sensing (25 lx threshold) and automated on/off timer (holding from five seconds to ten minutes).

Surface Circular luminaires are equally suited to ceiling or wall mounting. They generate an output of 80 lumens per watt at a luminous flux of 1920 lumens, and possess a beam angle of 120°. This makes them a perfect alternative to traditional panel lights. Compared with common compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), the products use up to 55 percent less energy.

A simple, high-quality design and a warm-white colour temperature range between 3,000 to 4,000K allow for widespread use in most types of indoor spaces, covering everything from offices to sales floors and staircases to lobbies. The IP44 splash-proof and IK03 shock-resistance ratings make these products highly versatile.

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