Single channel pyroelectric detector for NDIR spectroscopy

17th June 2019
Alex Lynn

Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) spectroscopy is by far the most commonly used gas detection method. Infra-red radiation generated by a broad band emitter is passed through the gas which is contained in a measurement cell to a sensor. The detector uses an IR filter to measure the absorption strength of the target gas. 

The advantage of NDIR comes from the strength of absorption in the mid IR compared to methods based on near infra-red spectroscopy. NDIR allows relatively low concentrations of gas to be detected with small path lengths and inexpensive components.

LASER COMPONENTS manufactures a range of innovative pyroelectric detectors. The L2100X2020 is a single channel current mode sensor with a split supply of +/-5 V, the device is housed in a standard T0-39 four pin package which can have a suitable infra-red filter installed. They have long expected lifetimes making them well suited for this fit and forget application.

From its office in the UK LASER COMPONENTS can also supply broad band emitters for this application. The EP range is a pulsable device using a tungsten filament to achieve an operating temperature of 1,900K. The emitters are housed in a TO8 package and are fitted with a gold plated parabolic reflector as standard.

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