Side-Light POF: special design for illumination

23rd March 2017
Enaie Azambuja

LASER COMPONENTS offers polymer optical fibres that emit light sideways along the entire length of the fibre. This property is extraordinary because normally the coupled light is transmitted within the optical fibres and only decoupled at the fibre end face. Conventional fibres are designed to keep the decoupled side light (leakage) to a minimum. The side-light plastic optical fibre was created for illumination tasks in which light must leak out equally across a certain length.

For example, in the automobile industry, these fibres are suited for interior lighting in the middle console or the door frames. They can also open up new possibilities in the textile industry or for lamp designs. The side-light POF is available with diameters of 250μm, 500μm, 750μm, and 1000μm. They are available both as single fibres and fibre bundles with up to sixteen fibres.

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