Seville steps up citizen’s safety with solar street lights

3rd July 2019
Lanna Cooper


Signify is using solar lighting to enhance the safety of visitors to the Infanta Elena Park in Seville, Spain. During the pilot project, 20 Philips SunStay solar street lights will be installed in the park, underscoring both Seville’s and Signify’s commitment to sustainability.

By integrating solar panel, luminaire, charge controller and battery in one housing, the Philips SunStay street lights are compact and easy to install and maintain. They will also help Seville, a city committed to sustainability and ecology, to reduce energy costs and improve its carbon footprint.

"Seville is a city committed to the fight against climate change and a model of a sustainable city that meets the objectives of the strategic plan Sevilla 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” said Juan Espadas, Mayor of the City of Seville.

“All the municipal electricity supply is converted into 100% renewable energy. That is why it is so important that one of the green areas in the city is where we will develop an innovative business project to find solutions that improve citizens public spaces usage and, at the same time, contribute to the reduction of emissions and sustainability."

Philips SunStay street lights save on cabling costs, reduce carbon footprint and lower overall capital and operational expenditure. With an output of 3,000 lumens of warm light and an efficacy of 175lm/W, they’re more efficient than existing solar street lights.

The lighting of the park allows the practice of outdoor sports outside the existing facilities during the night, as well as maximising the use of this green space of the city by neighbors and visitors.

“We’re very pleased to show the relevance of solar lighting in European countries,” said Harsh Chitale, Business Group Leader Professional. “I’m confident that many more municipalities will adopt solar street lighting installations in Europe, supporting this market segment’s strong growth expectations for the coming years.”

The new lighting has been installed in the month of June in a shorter time than necessary for conventional public lighting, due to civil works and installation of wiring, reducing the cost and inconvenience to citizens.

The solar pilot project in Seville is right up Signify’s alley in terms of sustainability, as the company is committed to creating brighter lives and a better world by providing light which is energy efficient, saves resources, and improves lives. As part of that commitment, the company already achieved carbon neutrality in Spain in 2017.

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