Rugged connectors designed for automotive LED lighting systems

31st August 2018
Alex Lynn

Connectors supporting advanced automotive headlamps systems from ERNI, deliver ruggedness, reliability and long term operation, all in a miniature and lightweight package. ERNI has an established a connector offering that is designed to meet the needs of automotive lighting systems.

The MiniBridge Koshiri Security connectors feature a housing design with distinctive guides that prevent mismating and protect exposed contact pins. Also known as ‘scoop proof’, the pin contacts are recessed sufficiently so they cannot be damaged if the mating connector shell is ‘scooped’ into it during the mating process. 

More specifically, the MiniBridge Koshiri Security design prevents pins from being bent and contacts from being shorted during mating. Featuring an active latch, the single row IDC MiniBridge Koshiri connector family offers significantly higher mating integrity. It also offers a very high current density supporting up to eight amps per conductor in a dense 1.27mm pitch interface in a high temperature 125°C package. The broad product offering includes female IDC wire connection and SMT PCB connectors to simplify design.

Dual latching is another design element well suited for high vibration applications like automotive LED headlamps. Primary and secondary contact locking ensures ruggedness and dependability without compromising valuable board space. The compact, 2.54mm pitch MaxiBridge wire-to-board connector system utilises a dual latching configuration to meet USCAR/LV214 automotive vibration specifications. 

A two-piece cable housing, combined with the dual latch, supports terminal position assurance (TPA) requirements while the conductor material and design delivers 12A per contact for more demanding requirements. Providing design flexibility, the connector is offered with female crimp contact wire termination and SMT PCB connectors. The MaxiBridge connector is available in four colours with coding/keying to ensure proper cable systems integration.

Both connectors are available in white versions to eliminate shadowing effects that can be caused by the connector system.

Sam Hines Product Marketing Engineer, stated: "With new automotive lighting functionality being continuously added to provide driver assistance and safety protocols, connector advancements must keep pace. Interconnects are a vital component for the lighting system. Finding a connector solution that will outperform other technologies life cycles within the LED application is not an easy task. ERNI connector solutions meet the size, current and reliability requirements demanded by the automotive industry."

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