Red, green & blue LED die suit wearable applications

27th July 2015
Nat Bowers


Expanding its dotLED range, Plessey has announced a wider selection of colours, including red, green and blue. The extremely small LED die feature a footprint of only 0.2x0.2mm which makes them suitable for use in wearable applications.

Giuliano Cassataro, Vice President of Sales, Plessey, commented: "We continue to win designs in the growing market for wearables and are now producing millions of LEDs every month. Our dotLED product range addresses the optical, mechanical and cost requirements for the typical wearable applications. These include wristbands trackers for health and fitness as well as many other applications for dot matrix displays."

The white dotLED is available in a 1005 SMT package (measuring 1.0x0.5mm), which is a standard electronic component size easily handled by standard surface-mount machines used in high volume, consumer electronics manufacturing. Delivering up to 1lm of white light with a 130° viewing angle from a 5mA drive current, the PLW13D003 meets the demand for ever smaller displays. A blue version, the PLB13D003 is also available in a variety of wavelengths from 460 to 480nm.

"The increasing popularity of our dotLEDs has led us to develop our first chip scale package solution around the fit and performance of this product range. Samples for this even smaller form factor will be available September this year in a selection of temperatures and colours," added Dr. Keith Strickland, CTO, Plessey.

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