Pyroelectric DLaTGS detectors

27th June 2024
Harry Fowle

LASER COMPONENTS has announced its range of pyroelectric DLaTGS detectors which are now available.

Deuterated Lanthanum α Alanine doped TriGlycine Sulphate, or DLaTGS for short is a crystalline structure that offers the strongest pyroelectric effect.

Pyroelectric materials are able to convert any incident radiation into a signal, allowing them to sense wavelengths from UV through to THz. DLaTGS in particular is very sensitive, meaning a higher signal output, thus increasing the signal to noise ratio. Additionally, the detectors have a very fast response time compared to other pyroelectric materials.

Typical applications for this technology are in the fields of fourier-transform-infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy and high-end gas sensing. Our detectors can be supplied with a wide range of broadband or bandpass filter windows.

LASER COMPONENTS is delighted to announce that we manufacture this high-performance material at our detector group facility in Arizona. We look forward to discussing your requirements.

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