Pump combiners for fibre lasers and amplifiers

1st August 2019
Alex Lynn

Lightel’s high-power pump combiners are mainly used to combine the power of several multimode lasers and thus obtain delivery and pump fibres with a high output power. At LASER COMPONENTS, these passive components are available for applications with up to 37 laser sources and total powers of up to 8,000W.

With the air-clad technology developed by the manufacturer, a rate of efficiency of 90% and higher can be achieved for power coupling. Depending on the application, the combiners are available with different fibres and fibre combinations. Polarisation-maintaining (PM) configurations are also possible.

This technology is used for both fibre lasers and erbium-doped fibre amplifiers (EDFAs). In addition to stability and reliability, high power transfer efficiency is crucial. Therefore, it is particularly important to adhere to the strict requirements that apply to production.

Custom designs for single-mode and polarisation-maintaining (PM) fibres are also available upon request. The fibres can also be provided with fibre Bragg gratings.

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