PSDs bring fast and accurate position detection

31st March 2021
Alex Lynn

LASER COMPONENTS has announced Position sensitive detectors (PSDs) that offer high accuracy (~2.55µm), excellent resolution and short rise times as fast as 30ns for non-contact alignment, position measurement/detection and machine vision applications.

SiTek’s PSDs are available in wavelengths from 400 to 1,100nm with a variety of options including one dimensional (single axis), two dimensional (two axis), specialist 3D arrays for contour measurement, UV, YAG and nuclear sensors.

Application examples include: railway bow measurement for fault detection, vibration monitoring, 3D contour measurements, bridge and tower construction, shaft alignment, robotic guidance, and a variety of machine vision applications.

These PSDs can be used with the SEEPOS PSD processing tool to interface with your PSD and connect directly to your computer, complete with a LabVIEW compatible software package and data analysis suite. The SEEPOS system offers a plug and play style system with real time display including analogue and digital features.

Used with the PSD/SEEPOS switch, the operator can easily switch between one to four PSDs.

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