ProPhotonix Expands its Product Portfolio with New High-Power Blue and Violet Opnext Laser Diodes

28th April 2011
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ProPhotonix Limited, announced that it will distribute two new high-power laser diodes from opnext
The HL40023MG, a high power 404nm, 500mW violet laser diode is perfectly suited for applications such as biomedical illumination and optical lithography. Current biomedical and direct imaging system manufacturers often use solid state laser diodes which are large and consume tremendous amounts of power. The HL40023MG violet laser diode offers manufacturers a more cost competitive option to use a high intensity diode in a small 5.6mm package. With a low typical operating current of only 390mA, it also saves on power helping to lower manufacturers overall operating costs.

The HL45023TG is the first in a family of blue laser diodes being planned for development. It has been specifically designed to meet the demands of mobile pico projector applications however it's also well suited to a variety of fluorescence and sensing applications. Using a unique and proprietary design, the HL45023TG provides 60mW of optical output power at a 445nm while consuming 30 percent less power than existing, commercially available blue lasers. A maximum operating temperature of 70°C and tiny 3.8mm package size make it ideal for the growing market demand in embedded and mobile device applications.

David McGuinness, Sales Director for ProPhotonix commented, we're delighted to add these new and exciting laser diodes from Opnext to our product range. The addition of the blue and violet wavelengths further cements Opnext's reputation as a global leader in the laser diode business. We're proud to offer such high quality laser diodes to address the demanding applications of our customers.

Opnext is excited to be working with ProPhotonix as our partner to promote these new red, blue and violet lasers, said Bob Murphy, Opnext Business Development Director for North America Sales. The great relationship between our companies, coupled with the market presence of ProPhotonix, will uncover many new opportunities in a variety of applications for these new laser devices.

Mark W. Blodgett, Chairman and CEO of ProPhotonix added, With the introduction of the new Opnext laser diode product line, ProPhotonix continues its leadership in the photonics market. We expect that these additions will contribute to increased sales of laser diodes in 2011.

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