ProPhotonix Adds New HL65051DG Laser Diode from Opnext to Its Laser Diode Line-Up

14th February 2012
ES Admin
ProPhotonix Limited is pleased to announce that they are adding the HL65051DG laser diode from Opnext, Inc. to the wide range of diodes ProPhotonix offers. This new laser diode gives system designers and OEMs the highest power single-mode laser on the market at this wavelength in a package that includes an integrated monitor photodiode.
With continuous wave output power up to 120mW at 660nm, the single mode HL65051DG laser diode is well suited for a range of applications including medical, sensing and LIDAR systems. Its monitor photodiode allows for a continuous feedback in the system, ensuring constant optical power output from the laser diode. It is temperature rated from -10 to +60ºC, allowing for operation in harsh environments. With low operating current and voltage of 175mA and 2.5V, respectively, the HL65051DG is easy to integrate into a range of systems.

Driven by more than 30 years of innovative laser heritage, Opnext offers one of the industry's most comprehensive portfolios of laser diodes, spanning from 404nm to 852nm. Their diodes are well known for their reliability, long lifetimes and high quality performance and this recent diode represents Opnext's continued research and development of laser diodes to meet demanding system requirements.

David McGuinness, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Sales Director, commented as an Opnext distributor and laser module manufacturer, we're delighted Opnext has developed this device. The ability to achieve high optical power with a stable output will allow us to address our customers increasingly demanding applications such as low-level laser therapy and 3-D imaging.

ProPhotonix is a key partner in selling and supporting Opnext laser diodes into strategic accounts, said Wolf-Rudiger Gaepel, Opnext EMEA account manager. This newest red laser diode opens up multiple opportunities across a range of applications.

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