Plug and play solution for low light detection

16th April 2019
Alex Lynn

A plug and play solution for the detection of very low light levels has been released by LASER COMPONENTS with the A-CUBE. Featuring a low-noise silicon or InGaAs APD with matched preamplifier and integrated high voltage supply, these modules come ready-made with everything required to operate APDs easily and conveniently. 

Furthermore, the A-CUBE incorporates built-in temperature compensation circuitry allowing the APD to be operated with constant gain even when temperatures fluctuate.

The A-CUBE is available with a variety of active area sizes extending up to 3mm diameter for the most sensitive applications. By utilising both silicon and InGaAs detectors, high quantum efficiency is readily achieved right up to 1600nm, a 12V supply is all that’s needed to operate the device. 

The module can be supplied with an optional fibre connector. The A-CUBE excels in applications such as rangefinding, biomedical analysis, data transfer, spectroscopy and laser characterisation.

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