Photodiodes feature 1.75 or 2.8µm peak wavelength

5th August 2015
Nat Bowers

LASER COMPONENTS' Detector Group has announced the introduction of two IR detectors, the IG19 and IA35. The IG19 is an x-InGaAs photodiode with a peak wavelength of 1.75µm, making it suitable for applications that cannot be met spectrally with a regular InGaAs photodiode. The IG19X1000S4i with a 1mm chip diameter in a TO-46 housing is the standard product.

The IA35 is a heterostructure photodiode on an InAs substrate with a relatively wide peak at 2.8µm. The curve of the spectral response can be seen in the image below. The IA35S500S4i is available now. This detector with a 0.5mm chip is designed specifically for uncooled operation and a spectral range of up to 3.5µm (20% cut-off).

IA35 spectral response curve

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