NIR 2.1MP CMOS image sensor enables iris recognition

8th October 2015
Nat Bowers

Designed to improve security on mobile devices, Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched its first CMOS image sensor to enable iris recognition, the 2.1MP T4KE1. The device captures images for recognition with higher sensitivity than conventional CMOS image sensors by omitting the usual colour filter in the pixel structure, which increases sensitivity in the NIR (Near-InfraRed) spectrum.

In recent years, mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and notebook computers have adopted user authentication systems to protect access and information security. While fingerprint recognition has grown in use, password entry remains the most common approach. Iris recognition is expected to deliver a better solution, as it offers a high degree of protection without the risk associated with lost or misused passwords and allows the creation of ‘you as the password’ access.

The T4KE1 features an optical size of 1/7.3" and pixel pitch of 1.12μm BSI. Image output is 60fps at 1080p (100fps at VGA). Its MIPI CSI-2 serial interface, widely used in mobile devices, facilitates the sensor’s integration into end products, and a picture flipping function allows output images to be easily flipped both horizontally and vertically.

Toshiba has also designed a 5.20mx6.00x4.06mm reference camera module, enabling customers to evaluate use of the sensor in their mobile products. Included with the modules are design information and technical support to help shorten development turnaround time and contribute to creation of thinner, smaller mobile devices.

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