ModBox-Front-End solution for optical pulse shaping

27th October 2020
Alex Lynn

LASER COMPONENTS has announced that it offers iXblue’s ModBox-Front-End turnkey system as a solution for optical pulse shaping, offering the finest performance for the end user by integrating screened and selected components that are controlled by a dedicated software interface for intuitive control to provide reliable and stable operation.

Temporal pulse shaping is of critical importance. The Electrical Arbitrary Waveform Generator is now combined with a brand-new RF amplifier which uses the newest generation of monolithic microwave integrated circuitry and features an exceptional linear behaviour. The vertical resolution is improved and thanks to a new wider RF bandwidth this allows faster pulse rise and fall times.

Brand new hardware and a major improvement in the driver’s linearity are included in this new RF amplifier. Dedicated low duty cycle pulse trains are possible amplifying sub-nanosecond and longer microsecond pulses.

From the ModBox interfaces (GUI and tactile screen), the user draws the wanted optical pulse waveform and the system generates in real time the exact and expected pulse waveform.

From the screen shots, the yellow curves are the optical pulse drawn by the user, and in blue the corresponding curves generated by the AWG. We can see the cleanness of the optical pulses.

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