Low cost laser module is designed to operate in high temperatures

6th November 2015
Jordan Mulcare

LASER COMPONENTS is expanding its popular range of low cost small form factor laser modules with some recent additions; a reliable green laser module, a low cost module designed to operate in high temperatures and a focusable crosshair (and line generator) module.

The LC-LMD-525-120-01-A is our new low cost laser module which produces a bright, crisp, <1mW green laser spot. These low power modules are operated between 3-6V.

The LC-LMD-650-02-T60 laser module is designed to operate in temperatures up to 60°C, compared to other modules which start to sweat at 20°C. With a module size of ø6.2x11.5mm the laser can be easily integrated into hand-held products and systems where space is at a premium. In addition to these great features, the laser produces a beam with an optical power of <1mW, and as such is a class 1 laser.

The LC-LMP series has always been a popular choice for alignment applications where budgets are tight. From the feedback you provided we have built a low cost laser module which can be focused to produce a crisp, thin, cross or line pattern. The laser output is 3mW ensuring the pattern is clearly visible for your application.

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