Lighting range combines LED filament tech with retro aesthetic

5th June 2019
Alex Lynn

In order to achieve retro aesthetics combined with modern LED filament technology, LEDVANCE has added new luminaires to its Vintage Edition 1906 series. Continuing the vintage design, the new additions enhance the interior design of commercial environments, including hotels, restaurants, lounges and shops.

The new luminaires in the 1906 series continue the idea of combining modern LED technology with retro design, this time referencing avant-garde styles of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Like all models in the successful 1906 series, the new luminaires have an E27 screw base and can be used with any suitable E27 lamp.

They blend very well with the attractive Edition in 1906 family of lamps from LEDVANCE with their LED filament technology. For those embracing the trend for smart homes, the smart Bluetooth filament lamps from LEDVANCE’s SMART+ series are ideal for these 1906 luminaires.

The new 1906 models come in various versions, such as table, ceiling and wall luminaires, and some in different glass colours and shapes.

The luminaires in the Globe Glass family, for example, are available as ceiling, double-wall, floor and table versions. The Smoked Glass Globe luminaires in this series with their diameter of 200mm or 300mm, provide a wonderful setting for a wide variety of filament lamps from LEDVANCE.

The same applies to the five models in the Cone Glass series which combine atmospheric light with aesthetic design. They are available as single, double or triple ceiling spotlights in smoked glass, as a ceiling luminaire in a smoked glass and an orange version, and as a floor-standing luminaire.

The models in the Pipe series have neither a shade nor a glass body. With their minimalist straight or artfully curved arms they are ideal for drawing attention to the attractive filament lamps. They are available as a classic table version, as a floor-standing version, and in different designs each for five or six lamps.

The luminaires in the Carved Glass family are offered as pendant and ceiling luminaires, and are characterised by their high-quality crystal cuts. They not only produce a cozy light but are distinct eye-catchers with retro charm. This also applies to the Jar version in smoked glass look or as an orange ceiling luminaire, and the Grape table model in a choice of smoked glass, orange, pink or green. With their elegant curves and fine-textured, ribbed glass surface, each luminaire in the series will enhance the look of any room.

The models in the Bubble Glass family add two ceiling luminaires to the Vintage Edition 1906 series with diameters of 200 and 300mm, available as impressive glass globes in smoked glass or orange. They go perfectly with the table luminaires in the series, creating strong accents in smoked glass, orange, pink or green.

The new luminaires are now available from electrical wholesalers, many DIY stores and online.

Unlike the Edition 1906 lamps, which will continue to bear the OSRAM brand name, the new 1906 luminaires will be marketed under the LEDVANCE brand.

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