Light guide/light pipe systems meet LED design challenges

3rd July 2018
Mick Elliott

UK customers can now buy MENTOR flexible light guide/light pipe systems from Foremost Electronics. MENTOR designs and manufactures LED displays providing precision optics that precisely manage the light emitted from the latest powerful LEDs.

Flexible light guide/light pipe systems from MENTOR offer a cost-efficient solution for many optoelectronic design challenges - not least for a minor design change during a product mid-life-cycle face-lift.

The most popular versions are designed for use with SMD TOP LEDS. These light guides push-fit into a Polycarbonate housing that is mounted on the PCB with two press-in lugs. As standard, a transparent lens is supplied for use at the visible end.

Alternative coloured lenses are available, as are custom lengths. MENTOR offers other flexible solutions for SMD and THT LEDs with 1000μm, 2000μm and 3000μm fibres.

MENTOR also offers a range of flexible "M-Tube" light guides / light pipes. Unlike conventional light guides, these are designed to emit homogenous light along their entire length (up to 2M).

They are ideal for cosmetic illumination of large control panels and have a myriad of other uses.

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