RSoft Releases New LED Utility - Developed to simplify and automate the procedure for modeling LEDs

16th November 2011
ES Admin
RSoft Design Group have announced the release of its New LED Utility. LEDs are widely used in a wide range of applications and there is increasing demand for optimized structures with higher extraction efficiency and improved color uniformity. An LED designer is given the task of creating more efficient structures, but characterization and fabrication times can delay the process and increase costs. RSoft’s LED Utility can shorten processing time and save development cost by providing accurate computer-based simulation and design optimization.
The LED Utility accurately simulates novel LED structures and all materials involved. It utilizes RSoft’s CAD Environment to describe the geometry and material properties and uses RSoft’s flagship simulation tool FullWAVE. The RSoft CAD Environment interface is a fully parametric, highly flexible user-friendly design environment with 3D editing capabilities to simplify the description of complex LED geometries. The underlying FullWAVE simulation is based on the Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) algorithm. This is a rigorous approach for solving Maxwell’s equations with no inherent approximations, which makes it well suited to accurately model the intricacies of an LED structure.

The complexities of LED optical design arise from various factors including; multiple interfaces with widely differing sizes, the use of novel materials and structures, dispersion, surface roughness, the use of gratings to enhance extraction efficiency, and the incoherent nature of the output light. The LED Utility accounts for all these situations and performs all necessary pre- and post-processing to
generate the desired results including extraction ratio and radiation patterns.

Moreover, the LED utility makes full use of FullWAVE’s clustering feature which can distribute the simulation workload over several cores and/or networked computers resulting in faster and larger simulations. The simulations can be performed over a broad parameter space and the design can be optimized through using the LED Utility with RSoft’s multi-variable scanning and optimization tool

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