LED driver/controller covers topologies up to 36V

7th October 2015
Barney Scott

The AMG-LL324 integrated 4 channel LED driver/controller by EDC Electronic Design Chemnitz can be used for driving and dimming LEDs in many applications. Thanks to integrated low and high side drivers it covers high efficiency synchronous retifier topologies up to 36V. Hardware based current control state machines for each channel offload real time tasks from the 8 bit MCU, allowing the MCU to perform communication or UI functions.

On chip gate drivers, amplifiers, and voltage regulators keep the external component count low. P/N-MOSFET power transistors, feedback voltage (± 400mV), and power supply up to 36V can be connected direct to the AMG-LL324.

At the LpS2015, EDC will show the AMG-LL324 comined with the 4 channel DALI to I2C controller LED-Warrior12 by Code Mercenaries. The demo allows the control of the individual channels of a RGBW spot for color and brightness control. External power-MOSFETs with low RDS(ON) provide up to 5A forward current for the LEDs at high efficiency.

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