18th May 2023
Harry Fowle

LASER COMPONENTS have introduced its small and flexible FLEXPOINT MVpico for a wide range of applications.

The FLEXPOINT MVpico laser modules are only 50mm long and have a diameter of 10mm. However, they are still able to provide an output power of up to 100mW. Their small housing dimensions mean that the MVpico is ideally suited for 3D vision sensors, industrial inspection, and structured lighting applications. The MVpico has a proven track record of being extremely reliable, even in the most demanding applications.  It has many focus options to achieve the required combination of line thickness and depth of focus. This laser module can also be ordered with digital modulation or analogue power adjustment, and both are optional.   

The MVpico is a great choice when inspection and sensor requirements are needed in very small working spaces, with very specific focus and line thickness requirements. 

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