High specification LED drivers provide flicker-free dimming

19th November 2019
Alex Lynn

Harvard Power Systems has launched a new range of high specification LED drivers. The CoolLED PRO CLi Series LED drivers come in 15, 25 and 40W versions providing smooth flicker-free dimming down to 0.1%, particularly desirable for aesthetic and display applications. This new range is specification rich. 

They allow smooth dim to off, ideal for interiors and architectural applications; they are 100 to 1400mA programmable, able to drive as low as 2.5Vdc for just one single LED; they have a touch/push to dim function; and also have a corridor/switch dim function as standard.

These high-performance LED drivers are designed for embodiment by luminaire manufacturers and also for remote, independent installation for which cable clamp/covers are supplied to click-fit the standard driver body.

One important feature of the new CLi Series LED drivers is that they are ultra-compact. The 15W drivers fit through a 40mm hole in the ceiling and the 25 and 40W drivers fit through a 56mm hole in the ceiling making them an ideal fast-fit solution for use with LED downlights. 

These new LED drivers are also future proof, having a connection port for wireless devices to connect such as Bluetooth Mesh and ZigBee.

As well as DALI dimmable versions, the CLi Series LED drivers includes zero to ten volt dimmable types with a fully isolated analogue dimming circuit to comply with the new standards and regulations from March 2020. 

This new range of drivers come with a five-year warranty, are SELV compliant, have wireless control options, and are compatible for emergency applications. Extended life testing has demonstrated high reliability and they have low audible noise below 20dBA. 

Despite their high specification, these new LED drivers are competitively priced to meet market demand.

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