High-power LEDs with red, green, blue & white chips

1st October 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

Featuring four high-power chips with the latest thin-film and UX:3 technologies in red, green, blue and white, the Osram Ostar Stage LED has been released by Osram Opto Semiconductors. Providing higher brightness with no increase in package size, this LED is suitable for use in stage spotlights. 

The four chips of the new high-power LED can be operated at up to 2.5A (DC), thanks to improved chip technologies. This leads to twice the output of 30W (electric) from the same chip and package area compared to the existing version, adding another output class to the Osram Ostar Stage product family.

The Osram Ostar Stage family now covers outputs between 15 and 60W, with the 60W coming from the previously released LE RTDUW S2WP version. “The higher current that is necessary for a higher output requires the thermal management of the Osram Ostar Stage to be adapted so that the heat generated in the chip can be removed as effectively as possible,” said Andrew Lin, Product Marketing Manager, Osram Opto Semiconductors.

“At the same time,” continued Lin, “many features such as the package size and beam characteristics match those from previous versions. That way, customers can stick to their existing optics and the overall design of their lighting solutions.” The new Osram Ostar Stage LED gives customers more flexibility for their stage spotlight product portfolio. Spotlights with the same number of LEDs will be even more powerful, while spotlights with fewer light emitting diodes will have the same brightness.

The new LEDs are also suitable for use in mood and architectural lighting; in the latter case, they are the preferred light source for effect and accent lighting. The high-power LED will be available from Q1/2016 in high volumes.

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