High power LEDs for the automotive market

20th May 2016
Joe Bush

Four ceramic high reflective packaged, high power automotive LEDs have been launched by EVERLIGHT. The LEDs feature a Golden Lead Frame in four different colours - White, PC-Amber, Red and Super Red - according to their preferred exterior applications.

3030CLU-NP (White) features a cool colour temperature of 5180-6680K which makes it well suited for DRL. Version 3030CLU-UY (PC-Amber) is recommended for turn indicators and tail lights. As for CHMSL, brake lamps and rear combination lamps, the Red and Super Red colour options are available.

Both 3030CLU-URR (Red) and 3030CLU-USR (Super Red) with a wavelength of 612-624nm and 627 -639nm respectively, provide a high luminous flux at 350mA. 3030CLU-USR (Super Red) is based on European OE’s preference and provides an even more vivid, thus easier to recognise red colour, which is also expected to help reduce car accidents.

EVERLIGHT’s 3030CLU(AM) Series with a compact size (3.0x3.0x0.8mm) and a wide viewing angle of 120° is offered in a golden high reflective package. Using a ceramic substrate results in lower costs and a low thermal resistance of less than 7⁰C/W for an optimised heat management. A further benefit is a junction temperature of up to 150⁰C (Tj150⁰C) and still keeping good performance. Usual 3030 packages are destroyed at this temperature, whereby EVERLIGHT’s 3030CLU(AM) is even more well suited for demanding exterior automotive applications. A golden lead frame improves sulphur resistance.

EVERLIGHT 3030CLU(AM) LED packages have passed qualification according to AEC-Q101 and comply with the highest MSL standard MSL1. The MSL (moisture sensitivity level) is an electronic standard for the time period in which a moisture sensitive device can be exposed to ambient room conditions. That 3030CLU(AM) passed MSL1 means it is considered as being not moisture sensitive in any possible circumstances, does not require dry packing and thus is suited for an unlimited storage period until mounting. The devices are also ESD protected for voltages up to 8KV.

The professional R&D, sales and marketing team of EVERLIGHT is always on a quest for innovations and technical breakthrough. In the automotive industry, there is a clear trend that the market penetration rate of LEDs for exterior automotive applications is expected to increase significantly. Especially prone for growth are high power automotive LEDs.

EVERLIGHT is committed to a complete set of management system certifications, including TS-16949, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 for production quality. All automotive products comply with AEC-Q101 (Automotive Qualification Requirements for Discrete Product). With ever increasing demands on LED automotive applications, EVERLIGHT has cooperated with major car lamp manufacturers for premium designs that fulfil LED product demands.

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