Green long range laser modules

23rd May 2016
Joe Bush

Long range laser alignment has always been a challenge due to the diverging nature of light, meaning over long distances the spot will grow larger and larger. To provide our customers with a suitable long range alignment option we have increased the spot size to 16mm.

Alignment lasers are typically eye-safe and feature low optical powers. When used over long distances the small diameter laser beams diverge heavily creating a very large spot on the target. This large, low power laser spot is almost invisible to the naked eye, especially during the daytime.

To overcome this issue the beam is expanded to 16mm and then can be focused at long distances thanks to its low 0.07mrad divergence. Combined with the green 520nm laser, the FP-LR module can produce laser spots as small as 5.5mm over distances of 500m, which are visible in daylight conditions, and if used under dark conditions the laser beam can be focused up to 200m.

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